What is NextRTC?


NextRTC is a rich java library providing WebRTC signaling server. You can use it as standalone web application, or add it as a tenant to your existing Spring application. It can use various websocket implementation (e.g. JSR 356, Spring WebSocket, Netty WebSocket) to communicate with clients. Solution called NextRTC has easy to use backend and frontend API. The frontend implementation is done in similar way as it was done by Simple WebRTC. Frontend client to NextRTC is available here. To setup working example you have to implement only code shown below:

Above example was taken from small web application used as frontend for all examples.

Then on backend side you have to write an adapter for websocket implementation used by you. Here is example prepared for Spring Websocket implementation.


And It’s all what you need to create a videochat.

For more details please take a look to github project.

Already I have some simple examples, try it out and leave comment!


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