What is NextRTC?

It’s a sign that you – like me and a several others Java developers – have wanted use in yours application possibilities that gives HTML5, but existing solutions wasn’t enough good for you.

I suspect that you want to create an application based on Spring (or you already have one), and yours project manager said: “Add to application something, that allows communicate (video/audio) our users. Bear in mind, that we want to use newest technology, like HTML5”.
After five hours spended on googling, You probably saw:

  • Simple WebRTC – Really nice solution, but how to integrate it with our java based application? I have tried and in my opinion it’s almost impossible.
  • jWebRTC – uhm… I had problem with setup, and then with running on JBoss or Tomcat.
  • So I thought maybe it is possible to solve my issue without signaling server – unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem.

I hope, that NextRTC won’t be the next on that list :)

I wrote down all my requirement, and with advantages of Spring, and with small help from WebSocket, I have created a small library which will work on Jetty, Tomcat, and JBoss/Wildfly, and provides signaling server for WebRTC.

I called this solution NextRTC. I have tried to put all best ideas together. So my js client have similar API to Simple WebRTC, and It looks like:

Then in Java you have to create one class as presented below:

And It’s all what you need to create chat.

Already I have some simple examples, try it out and leave comment!


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