Version 0.0.6 released!

In version 0.0.6 I think that I’ve finally resolve problem with re-connection to conversation. On github there are two (1, 2) issues connected with lack of exchange signals after breaking connection and fast reconnect. In this version I’ve also introduced easy way to add own signals on the server side (details in documentation).

Rest of changes are presented below:

  • PingTask will not send a messages when session is closed (now it could sometimes)
  • EventDispatcher will catch all Exception, and allow to process rest of handlers (now handlers were executed to the first exception in chain)
  • Improved logging for unexpected situation, stacktrace will be in logs in DEBUG level
  • One member will be able to create or join to only one conversation
  • Candidates will be exchanged even for broadcast conversation
  • Added new method to SignalResolver (addCustomHandler) which allows you to add your custom signal
  • Added actor test for TEXT message

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