Plans for next two months

In last two month I was waiting for new issue to release stable version. I’ll release version 0.0.7 in next two weeks – so you don’t have to much time to create an issue which might be released in 0.0.7. Up to now changes in this release are small but really important (It this release will finally fix issue with missing server responses – server responses from time to time weren’t send back and stayed in server buffer)

After this release I want to¬†improve js client side. Now media are always requested. I want to improve this so that clients will be able to join to conversation, and then they will be able to choose if they want to share they video/audio. I’ll also release js client to the npm so if you’re using webpack or bower It’ll be possible to add nextRTC as a dependency.

I’m waiting for your suggestion :) If you see areas in what nextRTC should be improved or missing feature don’t hesitate to write a comment or open issue on github


3 thoughts on “Plans for next two months”

  1. As you mentioned in your presentation post, I am one of this person in need of a java signaling server that could run on wildfly…. unfortunately i dont want the Spring dependency :)
    Would you be interested to write a spring free version ?

    Congratulations for your projects, your site and your code is very neat !

  2. I’ll think about it, but this task will consume a lot of time and might break API, so I’ll try to do it on feature branch but it won’t be my priority.

  3. I’ve made first tests, and it seems that only small changes in recent code are required to be able to build up application with NextRTC without spring. I think that in version 0.0.8 I’ll provide appropriate classes and instruction how to create application with NextRTC and without Spring :)

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