Signal types

There are three type of signals.

  1. Information signals (you can, but it is not mandatory to handle it).
    Those signals are always came from server, and are triggered by action of user, or by server to check if client is still running.
    This group includes:

    • ping
    • joined
    • created
    • left
  2. Commands (you will send it to sever, to trigger some action)
    This signals can be send by client, except signal “candidate” none of this signals will be returned by server.

    • create
    • join
    • offerResponse
    • answerResponse
    • candidate
  3. Requests (server will ask you for some kind of data which are required to setup WebRTC connection)
    This signals always came from server. When you receive one of this signals you have to response with certain command to fullfill the WebRTC signaling protocol.

    • offerRequest
    • answerRequest
    • finalize
    • candidate

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