Release 0.0.4

I’d like to inform that new release number 0.0.4 is in central maven repository. Main changes are listed below:

- New signal 'newJoined' added to separate two case when someone has joined to conversation and to inform rest of people from conversation about new joiner
- Added js leave method which close websocket connection and stop streaming
- Added default behavior to TEXT message, when message TEXT is sent without recipient, then message will be broadcasted to all conversation members
- Connection context has new feature, ICE candidates can be filter out when they didn't came from broadcaster (master in connection)
- Added broadcast conversation type
- Added policy to handle certain signals
- Expanded API of event new method content has been added (text messages can be stored in java app)
- Added new signal type TEXT (to transfer text messages between communication members)
- Delomboked project - too many questions were connected with building project

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